What are the benefits for you as an official?

  • Identify, train and rate new college officials.
  • Provide a rating structure for current USL district and national officials which incorporates educational sessions along with field ratings at the level of college game they are seeking to officiate.
  • Simplify the process of ratings allowing for more rapid advancement of qualified officials.
  • Conduct educational game observations for all levels of collegiate officials to promote individual improvement as well as consistency in officiating throughout the country.
  • Create an annual written test specific to the NCAA rules.
  • Provide a mechanism for all officials to receive an NCAA rule interpretation annually.
  • Oversee a Conflict Review Board to address all issues and concerns between coaches and officials.
  • Negotiate a recommended fee structure to assist conferences and assigners.
  • Provide a conduit to assigners for officials desiring to officiate in areas outside of their region.
  • Serve as a platform for assigners to discuss issues and concerns.
  • Promote the use of officials who are certified by COA.
  • Provide the officials' perspective to rules writing bodies.
  • Develop and distribute information on officiating techniques.
  • Provide and promote consistent educational materials for training and rating officials.
  • Create a core group of trainers, raters and observers who are trained in a consistent message to disseminate to all officials.
  • Disseminate information about officiating opportunities and promote connections with assigners in specific areas.
  • Develop and maintain professional and ethical conduct guidelines for collegiate lacrosse officials.